IPA All Day: How to eat your way through National IPA Day

This one goes out to all the IPA-lovers. You’ve heard all about “rosé all day,” but we bet you haven’t ever tried to "IPA all day." No worries, we’ve got you covered. From breakfast to fourth meal, we’ll help you IPA-all-day and properly celebrate National IPA Day. Most of these have recipes included, so all you have to do is order the Instacart - well - and do the cooking.

No time to spare with this one, National IPA Day is only 24 hours! Let’s rock and roll.


Some people prefer coffee, or even a sweat (meh), to welcome a new sunrise and another opportunity to crush it. Normally, we fit that bill too. But not on IPA Day. On IPA Day, we celebrate the wonders that are hops. For breakfast, we’re pairing potato and chorizo breakfast tacos from The Homesick Texan’s Family Table with a New England IPA, "Hop to be Square" from Hop and Sting.

The juicy finish of the New England style IPA is perfect to pair with the blend of spicy chorizo in a breakfast taco. While we like to make these at home, most Texans know that the best breakfast tacos come from a gas station. (Don't knock it till you try it).


One of our best friend’s favorite lessons to teach to anyone who will listen is the importance of “laying down a good base” when you’re looking down the barrel to day of fun. And who are we to argue with brunch? Count us in!

For Brunch, we’re whipping up eggs benedict with New Orleans accents from Sunday Brunch. Replacing the muffin with an andouille-studded cornbread, you’ll surely establish a tasty base for the rest of the day. With this plate, we’re pouring "Brut IPA" from Sierra Nevada Brewing. Because what goes better together than brunch and brut? Nothing, duh. The crisp, dry finish (but still amazingly aromatic) of a Brut plays so well with most of the classics on a brunch menu.


Anyone else count the hours between breakfast and lunch? Just us? In an effort to incorporate more green things into our diet, we’re choosing a crabcake salad inspired by our absolute most favorite lunch of all time, the crabcake salad from North Harbor Club in Davidson, NC.

We’re pairing this delight with the beer that started it all…the classic West Coast IPA, “Lunch” from Maine Beer Company to be exact. The malty backbone is going to play perfectly with the richness from the crab. Add in the creamy rémoulade sauce and there’s perfection. Now, we didn’t just pick this beer because of the name, though that helped bring it to mind. For our money, it's one of the best out there.


Woohoo! We. Made. It. We made it to the happiest hour of the day, Happy Hour. Let’s be honest, happy hour is all about knocking off the daily grind. We’ll choose our IPA and then find something to pair with it. Today, we’re going with a Double IPA , “More Cowbell” from Buffalo Bayou Brewing.

Snacking during happy hour is just the best. We love putting together a little charcuterie board to nosh on post-work. Nothing says “welcome home” like a DIPA and a classy adult lunchable. With the fatty meats and cheeses on a classic charcuterie board, a Double IPA has met it's match. Playing off the big hop additions and the high alcohol content, cured meats and aged cheese help protect the taste buds and keep the everything in concert.

While there’s no science to assembling your perfect charcuterie board, this southern style board from Fashionable Hostess is always a homerun.


It’s dinner time and we are drinking and enjoying our own “Home,” an American IPA from Off Main Brewing. We’re pairing this brew with a family favorite, tacos.

One of our favorite ways to “do” dinner is tacos. Tacos of all kinds. We could literally make, and love, a different taco for each day of the week. But we’ve been on a shrimp taco kick lately (thanks to this recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything) and for this IPA Day, a shrimp taco may be the perfect taco choice. Seasoned with big bold flavors like chili lime or pickled jalapenos, they pair brilliantly with a crisp, balanced American IPA. We may be a little biased here (let's be real, we're REALLY biased), but we think that "Home" balances the citrus aroma and hop bitterness with a crisp clean finish that won't overpower the tacos. Come over and have one, or five…they disappear too easily.


If you’ve made it this far, you’re our kind of IPA-lover! You’re in for a real treat with this one.

As many of you know, one of us (not me) is an amazing baker. While she enjoys baking just about everything, one of her favorites to share is a simple thickly-iced buttery sugar cookie. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing one of these, you know what I’m talking about.

We’re filling our glass with “Trust Fund Baby” from False Idol Brewing, a Milkshake IPA. The cookie has just enough simple, creamy goodness to help balance the complexity that is the Milkshake IPA. I'm not saying dunk the cookie in the beer…but I'm not NOT saying it. Oh, and this one has a boatload of strawberries in it…


It’s been a day, hasn’t it? A fun day, but a day! We've all been there….it's 1 am and you just got home from a night out with friends and you hear someone, or something calling your name….it's that pizza from yesterday in the fridge and it knows you just got home…it's been waiting for you. So why disappoint it? Snag a session IPA, like “Pinner Throwback IPA” from Oskar Blues, (because let's be real, we're not snagging a coke at this point), flip on the TV and provide the deliverance your leftover pizza has been craving…then go to bed, its 1 am.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your National IPA Day! Check in with us on Instagram and let us know what’s in your glass today.



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