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Howdy from what is likely the smallest brewery in Texas! We are Laura and Travis Lindner, owners of Off Main Brewing - the boutique brewery.

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Travis and I both have always had deeply rooted passions for entrepreneurship. Over the years, we have explored a variety of small business models. However, none of them felt “right” until Travis got into homebrewing. What started out as a hobby quickly became much more. The connection Travis has with brewing goes far beyond liking to drink cold beer (which he does). The more he learned about the science and history of brewing, the more emotionally connected he felt to it. And at that point, it was no longer just a weekend hobby, but rather a form of living art that he felt obligated to help push forward.  


For me, I love the creativity and strategic thinking that entrepreneurship embodies. I also love what small business represents – the American dream. I want our kids to see us work hard for something we believe in as opposed to just struggling through an unfulfilling corporate 9-5. I want them to see that they can bet on themselves, bring their vision to life and achieve success, whatever “success” may mean to them.


We have been pursuing a craft brewery start-up for the last 5 years. Like most start-up businesses, we have had our fair share of twists, turns and setbacks on our road to opening. We initially set out to open a biergarten style brewery in historic Davidson, NC. However, when it came time to sign on the dotted line for our SBA loan, we just didn’t feel that it was the right place or the right time. Fast forward a couple years, and we found ourselves in a similar position prepared to sign a lease agreement on a renovated space in McKinney. Then COVID hit. As a family, like many others, our lives were impacted. Faced with temporary job loss and the news of baby #3 on the way, our plans were yet again put on hold.  The saying “patience is a virtue” has never been truer. Through perseverance and prayer, we are proud to be making Off Main Brewing a reality - one day and beer at a time.

If you want to know more about us as individuals, keep reading!


Laura | CEO

Laura, a mother to 3 boys #boymom, is at her core a believer. She believes in something greater than the proverbial 9-5. She believes the American Dream still exists, that people are far more capable than they realize, and that there's a craft beer for everyone. Yes, everyone!

Earning a B.S. in Business Management and Marketing from Purdue University, Laura has spent the last 13 years building a career in corporate Marketing, with a focus on digital, social, branding and PR communications. As a strategic and creative thinker, Laura enjoys leading Off Main Brewing's business and marketing strategies.


Most days you can find Laura in yoga pants, working from a comfy place with a toddler nearby and cookies in the oven. She loves champagne as much as she does a balanced IPA - especially if it's served in a pretty glass.

Travis | COO, Brewer

Travis, a husband and father of 3 boys, strives to live each day intentionally and with purpose. He has a deeply-rooted passion for the art, history, science and community of craft beer. As both a beer enthusiast and an award-winning brewer, he believes the best beer is the one carefully crafted and shared with someone else.


Since graduating from Texas A&M with a B.S  in Political Science and Masters in Public Administration, Travis has thrived in the corporate world focusing in the areas of contracts, supply chain and purchasing. Though he enjoys his work in the corporate environment, his dream is to create and open a brewpub. As a strategic, detail-oriented go-getter, combined with his background in operations and experience and knowledge of brewing, Travis leads the operations and brewing at Off Main Brewing.

Today, you are likely to find Travis in a Texas A&M t-shirt in the garage tinkering on a new brew recipe or transferring a finished beer into a keg - all while enjoying his favorite Texas country tunes. While Travis particularly enjoys the traditional Bavarian beer style, he will never turn down a crisp IPA on a warm day, especially if it's shared with a friend!

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