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Raise a Glass: What to expect when visitng Off Main Brewing's tasting room for the first time

Welcome to Off Main Brewing, where happy lasts more than an hour! We are excited to welcome you to our boutique brewery tasting room in Historic Downtown Kerrville, right in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Whether you are a first-time visitor, a regular or somewhere in between, we strive to deliver a memorable experience every time you come to see us! With that said, we wanted to offer a few tips and tricks to make sure you know exactly what to expect when visiting the Off Main Brewing tasting room.

First of all, what is Off Main Brewing anyway? We are an independent craft brewery rooted in the Texas Hill Country. We provide thirsty Hill Country locals and visitors with unique and memorable experiences to learn about and enjoy craft beer and wine while supporting the local community. Overheard during construction, some passersby have called the tasting room a “beer hangout.” And that’s pretty spot on.


Our tasting room, located at 703 Water Street in Historic Downtown Kerrville, features 10 rotating self-brewed beers on tap, as well as an extensive selection of local and international wines and bubbles. Our thoughtfully curated charcuterie boards and pair-worthy nibbles are a must-try.

Parking at the Off Main Brewing taproom is simple. Free parking is available down Water St., Earl Garrett and across Water St. in the surface lot. There is also free parking available in the parking garage that is catty-corner to their location.

Fun Fact: Downtown Kerrville is open container! That means from Sidney Baker to Earl Garrett on Water Street and from Water Street to Main Street on Earl Garrett you can walk around with your favorite beverage in a non-breakable container!


Once you’ve made your way to the tasting room, you’ll be greeted with twinkling lights and inviting sounds. Here you’re welcome to seat yourself at any table or seat that tickles your fancy and one of our tasting room associates will be right with you to take your order and answer any beer or wine questions you might have. Feel free to ask the team about any specials or new beers on tap. The Off Main Brewing staff is highly knowledgeable about beer, wine and champagne, so feel free to ask for recommendations.

Depending on your party’s size and what you’re wanting to experience during your visit, there is a seat option for everyone. Seating at Off Main Brewing looks like the following:

  • Lounge area: Hangout with friends and enjoy the evening/music/drinks/food in a relaxing, living room-esque lounge

  • Biergarten tables: Feel free to sit with people you don’t know, make new friends

  • Bistro tables: Perfect for a date night or happy hour

  • Bar: Pull up a comfy barstool and get to know our team and beers on a deeper level. Try a flight and explore our menu a little at a time


Once you’ve found a place to sit, one of our tasting room associates will be with you to take your order. At Off Main Brewing, we offer beer, wine, bubbles and light bites.

Our head brewer Travis creates the list of 10 beers based on seasonality, brewing traditional styles with modern ingredients. We offer a 1 oz complimentary taster for each guest, but the best way to try multiple beers is to order a flight, which comes with 4 4-ounce pours that are customizable.

From lagers and ales to IPAs and stouts, our beer menu has a few mainstays that are always on tap and some that rotate on and off the board, such as experimental brews, seasonals, and collaborations. Check out our “what’s currently on tap” page to get the descriptions of the beers that will be available during your visit. Make sure to try new beers as they come on the board because they may not be available when you come back!

The wine program at Off Main Brewing is a true global celebration, featuring an extensive selection of wines sourced from Texas and around the world, as well as a variety of carefully curated champagnes to suit any taste. Whether you are looking for a local favorite or a classic vintage, there's something for everyone to enjoy. And if you can’t commit to just one, give one of our wine flights a try! Our Texas vs The World flight is always a great choice. Embark on a tasting journey at Off Main Brewing with a wine flight that compares locally grown Texas wines with international wines, all designed to highlight the unique characteristics of Texas grapes and how they differ from traditional winegrowing and making methods used around the world. Trying a wine flight that compares Texas and international wines at Off Main Brewing is an excellent way to expand your palate and knowledge of different winemaking styles and terroirs. You'll have the opportunity to discover unique flavors and characteristics of Texas wine as well as their international counterparts, and appreciate the nuances and differences that make each region's wines special. If you're looking for a vacation in a glass, our sparkling wine list is truly world-class, featuring Cavas from Spain, Prosecco from Italy, and Champagne from France. Try a flight and take the full tour! BITES THAT DELIGHT One of the most unique aspects of Off Main Brewing’s menu are the light bites. Comprised of charcuterie boards, wraps, and other nibbles, each item is designed to pair with the beers and wines on menu. Look for pairing suggestions on the menu or feel free to ask for pairing suggestions from our awesome staff.


Off Main Brewing's tasting room is not just a place to enjoy great craft beer and wine, but also a hub of activity where you can enjoy a variety of events. From weekly trivia nights to live music performances, game days, and educational events, there is always something happening in the taproom. Food and wine pairings, as well as food and craft beer pairings, are also regularly featured, giving you the opportunity to sample new flavor combinations. Themed parties and seasonal activities keep things fresh and exciting, while local pop-ups showcase the best of the community. For those looking to host a private event, our boutique tasting room is available for rental, making it a great venue for parties of all kinds, rehearsal dinners, team-building events, showers, club gatherings, and more. With its lively and welcoming atmosphere, Off Main Brewing's tasting room is a unique place to socialize, learn, and enjoy independent craft beer and wine.

And for those looking to take their private event to the next level, the Off Main Brewing boutique brewery mobile taproom is available for rental. With our boutique brewery tap trailer, we create unique and memorable experiences by bringing the brewery to you. From start to finish, we partner with you to design your beer and wine menu. Then we brew the beer in our boutique brewery and serve it with style, charming you and your guests with the most delicious memories. The boutique mobile taproom is perfect for weddings and parties.

CORK & KEG COLLECTIVE If you’re interested in joining other craft beer and wine enthusiasts, Off Main Brewing’s “mug club” is for you. The Cork & Keg Collective is where beer and wine enthusiasts come together to celebrate their love of craft beverages and unique tasting experiences. As a member of the Cork & Keg Collective, you'll receive a commemorative glass upon joining and a free carefully curated flight each month for 12 months, giving you the opportunity to discover new and exciting beers and wines that you may not have tried before. A few of the benefits of joining include the following:

  • Discover new and exciting beers and wines with a free flight every month

  • Receive a limited-edition glass upon joining

  • Access to exclusive merchandise

  • Pre-sale notification on ticketed events

You can join the Cork & Keg Collective online or in the tasting room. Just ask your tasting room associate how to get started.


Upon checking out, don’t forget to grab a to-go crowler of your favorite Off Main Brewing beer to drink at home or gift to a lucky friend. The crowlers are stored in the merchandise fridge near the bar. However, your tasting room associate would be happy to make one up for you.

And don’t forget to sign up for e-mails to get the weekly round-up of what’s going on in the tasting room, a preview of upcoming events, pairing recommendations, new beer releases and more. You can sign up for emails upon checkout or subscribe here.


In short, this is what we recommend for making the most of your visit to Off Main Brewing:

  • Check the calendar for tasting room events ahead of time (this may help you decide on your time of visit)

  • Order a flight of beer or wine to enjoy a variety of flavors

  • Make a new friend!

  • Order a charcuterie board, experimenting with unique combinations

  • Grab a crowler to-go to enjoy at home or share with a pal

  • Share your feedback with our team (positive or constructive)

  • Get home safely!


Please reach out to us at if you have any questions or would like to reserve our tasting room or mobile tap trailer for a special event.

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